Spiritual Counseling and Experiential Healing for Any Life Transition

Teaching you the skills to develop your sense of personal power, inner guidance, self-love, and compassion through uncertain times.

Another day’s gone by, and that feeling hasn’t gone away. That heavy presence sitting in your soul leaves you feeling weighed down by life. It’s a knot of confused emotions and thoughts you can’t seem to work through. Instead, you feel:

  • Stuck
  • Blocked
  • Lost

  • Anxious
  • Unfulfilled
  • Uncertain

Healing when you feel stuck

The stress of these life transitions might trigger past trauma or unhealed parts of yourself. So you’re thrown into a state of emotional upheaval and uncertainty. You’re not sure how to “fix” things and can’t seem to find clarity in the chaos. 

This internal conflict and heavy ball of emotions cause a block to form. Your forward momentum slows down and you eventually get stuck in place, constantly wondering:

How do I move past this state of paralysis?

The source of these unwanted feelings stems from a recent change in your life.

You’re stepping into a new life phase that requires a leap of faith into the unknown – a time when we’re most often confronted with unresolved thoughts or emotions – and you’re struggling to cope with changes like:

  • Graduating high school or college
  • Becoming a parent or trying to be a better parent
  • Getting divorced or leaving a relationship
  • Retiring from work, switching careers, or leaving the workforce
  • Becoming an empty nester after the kids are gone

By working with a spiritual counselor who can help you heal on a soul-deep level. 

One who believes that you have the ability and tools to embrace the uncertainty of this new phase of your life.

I can teach you how to tap into your well of personal power and discover your innate abilities. So you’ll gain a deeper understanding and awareness of yourself – and learn how to trust that inner voice who guides your life. 

With this new clarity, you’ll gain the forward momentum to move you through this life transition. You'll finally get out of that “stuck” feeling that’s been holding you back.

Ready to get started?

"After a traumatic experience, Jessica has helped me find my inner voice... holding space for me with kindness, open-mindedness, and generosity. I’m grateful for the experience and recommend her to anyone looking to find their better self." 

— C. C.

"It’s been a fascinating journey inward. 

I have been seeing Jessica for massage therapy for several years now. Her healing hands have been indispensable in my effort to grow physically stronger through strength training. And now, she’s using great insight and sensitivity to help me grow emotionally and spiritually stronger. It’s been a fascinating journey inward. One that I recommend for anyone seeking to better know and understand themselves."

— J. C.

"Wow, I had no idea that I could be so much better, clearer!

 And in way less time than I thought. I talked to Jessica for 30 minutes, and she was able to help me see something about the relationship with my mother that my psychotherapist hasn't been able to help me see in 10 years!" 

— S. H.

"Jessica takes a thoughtful, holistic approach to identify and address the root problem.

I started seeing Jessica for massage therapy many years ago to help address back pain from scoliosis. She is extremely knowledgeable, really listens, and addresses not just the symptoms but the root problem. She has helped me recover from several injuries and has really helped me improve my overall health and well-being!”

— S. H.

Changes in life are normal. We all go through seasons of change and transition to new or different phases of our lives. 

But sometimes, we enter these phases and get stuck. Our forward momentum grinds to a halt, and we feel trapped in a space filled with uncertainty and fear. We can’t seem to find the block that’s preventing us from naturally moving forward.

Gain Momentum During Life’s Transitions

At times like these, spiritual counseling for life transitions may be the solution. 

I’ll help you:

  • Gain a new perspective in your life.
  • Discover any triggers or past events that may be causing a blockage.
  • Provide a space of understanding, kindness, and compassion.
  • Learn about your choices, so you feel empowered to take action.

I also offer a safe space for listening (it’s my superpower!) – so you can open up and hear the voice of your inner guide that’s always been there. You’ll also gain an awareness of yourself (and what you’re looking for) that’ll provide clarity about what you want and where you want to go. 

As an experiential healer, depth hypnosis practitioner, and shamanic counselor, my work revolves around empowerment, inner exploration, and soul-deep discovery. 

This profound inner work will provide deep insights into your life. So you can start to feel whole again as you grow, heal, and nourish all parts of yourself.

Learn More About Life Transitions Counseling With The Well Grounded Soul…

I hold space for you to enter a meditative state and dive deep into your mind during these sessions. Quite often, you already have the answers, but you're unable to hear (or trust) your inner self. This empowering approach will help you do just that.

Clarity, Empowerment, & Curiosity

With this approach, I use a drum beat and shamanic techniques to help you enter a meditative state so you can go on a journey. The goal is to connect with your inner guide and find an answer to the question (or life transition block) that’s been on your mind.



I’ll use ancient healing techniques to help you ease into a meditative state so you can do soul-deep work. I’ll guide you through this process to heal your energy, soothe your soul, and release any negative blockages holding you back.

Shamanic Healing Techniques

If you’re going through a life transition right now, you may have tried a few different things to get yourself “unstuck” (like talking to friends or a therapist).

But what if this didn’t work like you hoped it would?

You might be curious or searching for a different approach. Or looking for a way to do deeper work that makes changes on the soul-deep level. Which is why I offer some unique approaches and treatments that can help you find the clarity you’re looking for, such as:

There is no diagnosing and no labeling. Just unique work based on the ancient healing wisdom of shamanic cultures and Buddhist psychology. All while integrating concepts of transpersonal psychology and energy medicine.

If you’re ready to move forward and get unstuck, let’s talk about the life transition you’re struggling with – and how to use your personal power to transform your life.

The best thing about all of these approaches?

Then my stress and unhealed past trauma put me into (what I call) the “dark night of the soul.” I was in a space filled with uncertainty, fear, anxiety, and a slew of other negative emotions.

A Spiritual Counselor Who Can Help With Life Transitions

Finding balance at all levels of our lives – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual – is essential to dealing with life’s many stressors and changes. Because feeling poorly on one level can spill over into others and lead you to that paralyzing state of uncertainty. 

In 2016, I experienced this stuck feeling after being injured. I was a competitive athlete used to the ease of moving my body. But felt bereft when I realized I had to find new forms of exercise and movement. I was forced to transition to a new phase in my life.

But I found help in that darkness. 

→ I went to traditional talk therapy.
→ I worked with a Sufi healer.
→ I learned about the ancient practice of Shamanism.

I wanted to heal and became curious about my own mind-body-spirit connection.

These experiences led me to where I am today – an experiential healer, depth hypnosis practitioner, and shamanic counselor for others struggling with difficult life transitions. I can help you find clarity, love, confidence, and self-empowerment. And guide you toward a sense of knowing that’s already within you.

When I was thinking about a name for my practice, I wanted it to reflect me, my values, and what I offer to my clients. An aspect of all of my work (both personal and professional) is working at the soul-deep level.

But sometimes, this kind of work can be chaotic or messy. So I developed a non-negotiable daily routine that keeps me grounded, present, and aware of every moment. 

My goal is to help you find this kind of self-awareness and certainty – so you can feel well-grounded in your work, life, and relationships too. All while working with a spiritual counselor who helps you move smoothly through your life transitions.

Why "The Well Grounded Soul?"

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