Experiential Healing, Depth Hypnosis, and Shamanic Counseling for Life's Challenges

Go from feeling anxious, ‘stuck,’ and unfulfilled to discovering curiosity, clarity, and your inner power.

"I was able to fulfill some of the dreams that seemed so far-fetched just a few months earlier.

I highly recommend Jessica Luke for Shamanic Counseling. I started working with her over a year ago because I wanted to find a better way to handle the mounting stress from personal and professional issues in my life. I was also seeking a non-traditional method of healing. Through her energy work, she led me through meditative journeys, helped me connect with my spirit guides, and gave me the natural tools to move past trauma. It’s not a coincidence that a year later, and through some of the manifesting work we’ve done together, I was able to fulfill some of the dreams that seemed so far-fetched just a few months earlier.”

— A. G.


  • Your capacity to trust your gut or intuition will grow.
  • Your creative powers will become apparent and shine.
  • You will expand your ability to have compassion and understanding for the world around you.
  • You will never be alone, always having the connection to your helping spirits.

You Don’t Have to Struggle Alone During Life’s Challenges

The beauty of this transformation work is that you learn to connect with your own Inner Guidance and helping spirits. Through the processes in our session, you will learn ways to lean into support in ways you may have never known. This support is what makes this counseling model so powerful and transformational. 

Our work together will bring you into places within you where you will find deep compassion, love and support for yourself. This is how spiritual counseling and empowerment work together: to empower you through your own healing process.

When it comes to experiential healing, you might be wondering…

  • What exactly is it?
  • How does it help?
  • Will it even work?

These are natural questions if you’ve never worked with a counselor like me. 
Then I combine these methods with Buddhist philosophy, transpersonal psychology, and energy medicine to create my own distinctive modality – an ideal setup to get you feeling fulfilled and aligned as you work through any challenges.

Depth Hypnosis and Shamanic Counseling aren’t as “out there” as they may seem. 

They’re simply unique methods of healing that use techniques based on the ancient wisdom of shamanic practices and cultures. 

If you’ve never worked with a Spiritual Counselor before, it can feel scary and overwhelming. But I want to reassure you – I’m here to hold the space as you work through the challenges you’re struggling with. 

I’ll listen to what you feel comfortable sharing and provide guidance as we move through each session. I also developed a simple process to work with me, so you know exactly what will happen each step of the way:

How Does Spiritual Counseling Work? 

My goal is to help you grow, heal, and nourish all parts of yourself as you work through tough life changes. So you can rediscover your joy and passion for life.

We’ll start with a call to see if we’re a good fit for each other. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions and share what you’d like to work on so I can recommend the best service for you.

Once we’ve settled on a service and time frame, we’ll meet to work through the challenges that may be causing uncertainty and disruption in your life. I’ll ask about what you’re feeling, guide you into a meditative state, and help you find the answers you’re looking for.

With each session, you’ll see progress in your life. You’ll gain a deeper understanding and awareness of yourself and the clarity you need to move forward.

Discovery Call

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Start Healing

"She listens, engages, and communicates well.

Jessica is holistic in her approach to health – mind, body, spirit – and engages that energy in everything she does. She listens, engages, and communicates well. She thoroughly assesses and makes smart, achievable suggestions when changing things to help you.”

— J. S.

Depth Hypnosis

Depth Hypnosis is a modern counseling method that draws on techniques and processes from shamanism, Buddhist psychology, and hypnotherapy. This empowering method helps you process major life changes or unexpected transitions – and the strong emotions that accompany them.

During these sessions, I guide you into an altered state, or a meditative state and hold you in this space. My goal is to help you calm your conscious thinking mind.  From there you can curiously discover what your inner self is trying to tell you – and find answers to the questions you’re struggling with.

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With Depth Hypnosis, my goal is to help you connect to your inner self, visualize your internal guide (in whatever form it takes), and discover the answers already within you. Ready to get started?

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I recommend attending at least three sessions as there’s lots of groundwork to lay before you can truly dive deep into yourself. These sessions might look something like this:

  • Session #1: We’ll start with talking. I’ll ask you to share your life story, the major life changes or transitions you’re working through, and what you hope to get out of this process.
  • Session #2: I’ll explain how Depth Hypnosis works and what you can expect. Then, I’ll talk you through a guided meditation so you can get used to the process. The goal is to help you reach an altered state of consciousness so you can connect to your internal guidance.
  • Session #3: For the first 10-15 minutes I’ll ask questions and help you identify any strong emotions you’re feeling. Then, I’ll guide you into a meditative state and use somatics to help you understand what your mind and body are telling you. 

Once you’ve completed your first three sessions, you can decide if you want to continue with this service on a weekly or biweekly schedule. 

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When you hear the word “hypnosis,” a lot of preconceptions probably come to mind like:

  • What if she makes me quack like a duck?
  • What if I’m not aware or don’t remember what happens?
  • What if I do something embarrassing?

It’s normal to feel scared and leary of this process, especially with how many misconceptions about hypnosis exist. 

But I can assure you – you’ll be completely aware the whole time and able to remember what happened. I simply help you “chill out” your conscious mind so you can tap into your subconscious mind (where your inner power and wisdom lives).

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I know how stressful it can be working with a healer or counselor – and I don’t want complicated fees to add to it. So my pricing and fees are simple and straightforward. 

For any Depth Hypnosis session, your investment is:

  • $150 for one 60-minute session
  • $175 for one 75-minute session
  • $400 for three 75-minute sessions

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explore applied shamanic counseling →

Applied Shamanic Counseling

Applied Shamanic Counseling is another modern healing method that relies primarily on shamanism, an ancient healing practice over 10,000 years old. This technique is targeted and slightly different than Depth Hypnosis – helping you work through a specific event, emotion, or thought you’re struggling with by asking specific questions to your inner guidance and you directly receive the answers.

During these sessions, I help you enter a meditative, dream-like state so you can quiet your conscious mind and tap into your internal power. With this soul-deep work, I’ll help guide you to find clarity and relief from life changes, events, and transitions that prevent you from moving forward.

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With Applied Shamanic Counseling, I’ll help you move through and process a major life change or event over multiple sessions. My goal is to help you focus on this one experience, discover the answers within, and steadily move forward in your life.
Ready to get started?

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I recommend attending at least five sessions because it takes time to understand and get used to this process. The work is also cumulative, so in each session, you’ll gain momentum and be able to get answers much faster.

Each session follows the same process:

  1. We start by talking about what you’re hoping to achieve that day – whether it’s working through a heavy emotion or processing a difficult life change. The goal is to form a question you can ask yourself.
  2. Then, I use a drum beat (an ancient shamanic practice) to help you enter a meditative state and connect with your inner guide. I hold the space for you (and your guide) to go on this journey while you narrate what’s happening out loud. This process is similar to the EMDR technique used by trauma therapists.
  3. Once your journey is complete (it usually lasts about ten minutes), we’ll talk about what you experienced. The goal is to help you understand what your inner self tried to tell you, so you find clarity and the answer to your question.

We’ll repeat this same process at each session with one exception – the question we formulate in step one will be based on the previous session’s experience. This is why these sessions are so transformational – because each time we meet, you gain momentum the more you understand what you’re thinking and feeling.

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If you’ve never heard of Applied Shamanic Counseling, that’s ok. It’s not uncommon for my clients to feel uncomfortable and out of their depth with this process. One of the most common doubts I hear from my clients is: 

Will I be able to visualize and connect with my inner guide? What if I’m just making this up?

Yes, you will be able to enter this dream-like state and connect with your inner guide. But it takes practice, which is why I recommend attending multiple sessions. 

Remembering that we often rely on our visual senses is also important. Applied Shamanic Counseling asks you to trust your other senses – and accept that sometimes an unexplained feeling or “knowing” (a.k.a. our intuition) can help us discover the answers we’re looking for.

But stepping outside your comfort zone doesn’t mean it isn’t a real experience – or that you made it up. You’ve simply opened your mind to a new experience and tapped into the inner power you weren’t aware was there.

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The soul-deep work we do in our sessions is challenging enough – and I don’t want my fees to add to your stress. So I made my fees easy to understand.

For any Applied Shamanic Counseling session, you have three simple options:

  • $150 for one 60-minute session
  • $175 for one 75-minute session
  • $400 for three 75-minute sessions

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Shamanic Healing Techniques

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Shamanic Healing Techniques are also based primarily on shamanism practices – when people relied on nature and the earth’s wisdom to make sense of their world. This is an ancient and powerful healing method that helps you tap into your source of internal power, bring back soul parts, and release negative energy when a major life change occurs.

During these sessions, I guide us both into a meditative state and I take a more active role in the process. I connect with my helping spirits and we work together to help you find the healing and support you need, so you can draw on your inner power more easily in the future.

With Shamanic Healing Techniques, my goal is to help you heal on a soul level and tap into the energies of the world around you. So you can alleviate the stress and uncertainty around unexpected or difficult challenges. Ready to get started?

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These sessions are very similar to my Applied Shamanic Counseling sessions except for one key difference: the practitioner (me) is doing most of the energy work. I use my inner guide to find the source of power and wisdom within you. So each session will go like this:

  1. We talk about why you’re here and what life change you’d like to work through. My goal is to help you find the intention and focus for your session.
  2. I use a drum beat to help both of us enter a meditative state. I’ll be laying next to you on the floor or touching your arm with my arm so we can stay connected. Then I use my inner guide to find a source of power and give it to you.
  3. We talk about the experience and how you feel after the journey is over. We’ll also talk about how you can tap into this newfound source of power if future life changes feel overwhelming or leave you floundering.

While this is a truly transformational healing method, I prefer to take a guiding role – rather than be an active participant – in your healing journey because you’re the only one who can decide what’s best for you. So I recommend these sessions only on an as-needed basis.

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Using Shamanic Healing Techniques can feel very non-traditional, new-age, or even “woo-hooey” to you. You may be thinking…

  • This is too far out there for me.
  • What will I even get out of it?
  • Is this even possible?

All of these thoughts are normal. But if you’re familiar with Reiki healing or therapy techniques like EMDR, then you’ve gone through a similar experience. You’ll stay aware during our entire session – and feel more empowered than ever to tackle those difficult life transitions.

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When you’re looking for help with major life changes, you don’t want to worry about complicated fees or costs. So I created a simple setup that doesn’t add to your stress.

For any Shamanic Healing Techniques session, you can choose from three simple options:

  • $150 for one 60-minute session
  • $175 for one 75-minute session
  • $400 for three 75-minute sessions

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explore other ways to work together →

"She never stops exploring new avenues to help people cope with their problems.

I am sure there is no massage therapist anywhere that is more knowledgeable, more caring, or more successful in easing pain and tension. I cannot praise her more highly. Even though her expertise is so advanced, she never stops learning or exploring new avenues to help people cope with their problems.”

— S. P.

Although experiential healing is my specialty, I also believe in the importance of whole-body wellness – especially after my healing journey led me to be a spiritual and life transitions counselor. 

So in addition to my spiritual counseling services, I also offer:

  • Discovery Calls or Consultations
  • Holistic Health Coaching
  • Plant Medicine Preparation & Integration
  • Healing with Horses

While I don’t provide any formal sessions geared specifically toward these services, I integrate them into my spiritual counseling sessions when I feel it’s necessary. 

So if you have a question or you're curious about a topic, don’t be afraid to ask me about it. I love to share my knowledge and talk to my clients about the mind-body-spirit connection.

Other Ways I Can Help With Life Changes

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